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Virtual Office IP PBX Solution –Office Beyond Boundaries
“Enabling companies to sound like a professionally managed using our pioneering Virtual Office IP PBX solution that provide Single Number Phone, PBX, Fax, Voice Mail Service that connects all the global offices with local extensions without making changes in existing infrastructure.”

Virtual IP PBX Solutions
Our Virtual Office IP PBX is feature-rich solution for business to have greater connectivity through unlimited extensions for outgoing calls and incoming fax. Moreover, numbers can be mapped for multiple countries having same extension with call routing structure providing global connectivity at minimal cost. This solution is highly effective for those who travel globally for business purposes.

This solution allows to take multiple calls with only one number by forwarding calls to the local number of visiting country or by leaving a message on the business voicemail. Virtual Office IP PBX Solution will attend all the phones and greets the caller with customized message or transfer calls easily.

It also allows to set up customized call scripts, create own menu options (e.g., 1 for Extension, 2 for Customer Service, etc.). Each menu option and extension can further be configured with find me and follow me feature to forward calls until it reaches to the voicemail that in turn sent to one’s email.

Features :

  • Free calls within extensions and Multi-level call forwarding
  • Customised welcome message with IVR
  • Customized billing options
  • Automatic call distribution
  • User friendly account management portal
  • Recorded Voicemail to e-mail as .wav file
  • Outgoing calls using WhizCall account or VoIP Phones
  • Zero CAPEX and Minimum OPEX