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Telephone Recharge

Global UC Inc introduced a new application of Telephone Top-up or Recharge of your account via your phone providing the customer with ease of use for a smooth continuous service.

What is auto recharge or top-up?

 Global UC introduced a new service to make use of our technology and provide convenience for our customers without any additional effort by automatically recharging the account when your account balance falls below US$ 4. You can recharge any denomination between US$ 15 to US$ 100.

How the automatic recharge / top-up works using the telephone?

 It is fully automatic. Whenever your account balance falls below US$ 4 and while you are making a call to the required destination the system prompts you the balance is low if you want to recharge press 1 in your phone else press 2 to dial destination number. In case you want to recharge your account press 1 from your phone and the system prompts you to enter the amount you want to recharge. Once you entered the amount the system will automatically recharge your account to the amount you entered and prompt you to enter the destination number you want to make the call. When you enter the destination number the system prompts you regarding the new total minutes for that destination number.

How simple is it to recharge / top-up?

 This is a very simplified automatic recharge, as all you need to enter is to acknowledge you want to recharge and the amount you want to recharge your account and you can see the results in just seconds while you are making the call itself. You need not have a computer and internet or you need not call any support agent to make the transaction and consequently save time.

How secure or safe to use this automatic recharge?

 The recharge is totally secure and you need not enter any credit card details or reveal them over the phone. All the transaction from the system to your bank occurs through 128bit encrypted communications.

How do I know if the system has charged my credit card the exact amount I entered?

 Firstly, the system will not accept any amount higher than US$100 or any amount less than US$15. You can only recharge the values between US$15 to US$100 only. Instantaneously as the transaction is completed the system will prompt you to the exact amount it charged to your account and after that time it also prompts you the increased minutes to the destination you dialed. In addition to this you can see the details on our website in your login home page. The system indicates you with a * mark and the value of the transaction date and time. The * mark indicates the transaction was completed by you using your phone.

How can I ensure that fraudulent use or misuse of my credit card doesn't happen?

We have ensured several strict guidelines to avoid the misuse or fraudulent usage of the credit cards to protect our valued customers which are as follows:

      Nobody can automatically charge your account using the credit card from any other phone other than your registered phone. This ensures only you as a valid user can recharge your account. The system first checks the origination of the call and only when it detects the call came from a registered phone number of this account it can recharge else it will fail the authentication in the first step itself.

       The system will never allow continuous transactions within a 4 hour period of the first transaction and it will not allow more than US$250 per week and a maximum of US$100 per transaction

      In case of continuous trying the system will block the card from further transaction. The above safeguard measures put in place ensure your credit card transactions are protected.

If you have any difficulty in using the service mentioned above please call our customer service at 1-800-205-8161 or 1-800-207-1865 or 1-888-414-5622 and they will guide you step by step through the process.