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Speed Dialing
Speed dialing or Fast dialing

Global UC introduced a new element to its services with the speed dialing or fast dialing feature to make our service one of the best.

  • How the speed dial / fast dial works and what are the benefits of using this service:

    Speed dial or fast dial works like a phone book. You can store telephone numbers you call frequently up to 99 numbers using your login home page of your account. The advantages of this service is it is fast and you need not dial the complete 12 or more digits or forgetting the country and area codes etc. All you need is just simply dial the number between 1 to 99, for the person you wish to call, followed by # key. The system immediately recalls this number and dials the correct destination number. You will not make any dialing errors or waste time in entering long telephone numbers.

  • Do I need to pay for this service:

    This add – on service is totally complementary to our esteemed customers and you need not pay any additional amount to use this service.

  • Can I change the numbers as I require :

    Yes, you can change the numbers by deleting the unused numbers and entering the new numbers from your login home page.

  • How can I subscribe to this services :

    You do not need to subscribe to this service separately. When you become a subscriber of Global UC long distance service you can automatically access this feature.

  • If you have any difficulty in using the service mentioned above please call our customer service at 1-800-205-8161 or 1-800-207-1865 or 1-888-414-5622 and they will guide you step by step through the process.