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Global WebPhone
The global WebPhone is a lightweight softphone application that can be run from any browser. You can talk to your friends who are having Global Webphone for free of charge. Your local carrier might be charge your phone call while using the phone to make International Call and you can avoid the local carrier charges if any.

How to Use

Using Global Webphone is simple and easy, Follow the instructions to make calls from webphone

  1. Enter Username and Password which you received from Global UC while purchase.
  2. Click on the Connect button. You will get a message as "Authenticated Successfully"
  3. Thats all you are ready to make calls.
  4. Enter the phone number followed by the country code (919986XXXXXX) in the Destination.

Please be advised that you need java enabled on your system to use the Global WebPhone. If you do not have java on your system, you can download it from here Download Java


Alternatively you can download a softphone to make VOIP calls from here

Global WebPhone from Global UC Inc
Java is currently not installed or not enabled.