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Conference Call Service

Global Telelinks announces the introduction of "Conference Call Service" from the major countries of its operations in the most convenient & least expensive way. This service allows you to conduct teleconferences anytime, day or night, without ever having to make a reservation.

It is your Parent's golden wedding anniversary, you are in USA and your sister in Australia and you want to speak to your parents in India along with your sister to wish them on this very very special occasion OR you want to discuss some important matter with multiple people at the same time !!! Simply dial Global Telelink’s special access number for teleconferencing and get going.

Conference call Service is also very useful for your business. During your business calls you may like to seek opinion of your colleague/Boss/consultant/experts. Simply dial *1* and get going.

At Global Telelinks, it is our continuous endeavour to provide services with enhanced convenience of calling coupled with rich value added features so that you as a customer get full value for the money you spend.

How it works?

All you need to do is dial a special Access number 2133250666 from a pre-registered phone number and dial out first number like any other number you have been calling all along. After response from the first number or during the conversation with the first number just press “*1*” and system will prompt you to dial a second number while holding the first number. The second number automatically joins the conference call on answering. You can add more participants from different countries by pressing every time “*1*”. You can this way conference with any number of participants. You will be charged on per minute/per person basis. You also have option to drop the last joined person by pressing “*6*# anytime during the call.

Conference Access Number



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Important: The Conference call out-dial feature is not automatically activated. To activate this feature you need to pay a one time activation fee of USD10 and maintain a minimum required credit balance in your account with us.