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WhizCall Blackberry Apps is an efficient & convenient international calling platform that saves up to 90% on
your call cost and creates a world of convenience with easy accessibility to make an international call.

WhizCall automatically converts all the contacts on your blackberry smart phone address book with “Call via WhizCall” option and thus saving a lot of time in not having to create another contact book for international calling.


  • Change Call Back No. At Any Time
  • Ideal for World Travelers
  • Zero International Roaming Charges
  • Affordable International Call Rates
  • High Quality Call Connections
  • No monthly Rental or Connection Fees
  • Online Account Management

How to install

  • Visit the following URL ("https://www.global-uc.com/whizcall/") from your Blackberry smart phone mobile browser
  • Click on the relevant link to download & install WhizCall Blackberry App on your smart phone
  • Once installed, WhizCall Blackberry App would prompt for a reboot of your smart phone
  • WhizCall Blackberry App will automatically configure all the contacts on your smart phone address book with “Call via WhizCall”
  • WhizCall Blackberry App is installed on your smart phone and ready for affordable international calling.

How to make call:

  • Go to your WhizCall Android App on your smart phone
  • From the application address book, select the contact that you wish to call
  • WhizCall triggers the first call to your default call back number
  • Once the call is answered, WhizCall triggers another call to the desired destination contact number
  • Ensure that all the contacts on your smart phone address book are prefixed with the appropriate country code depending on the location for each contact.

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